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Our consulting services complement our reconciliation tools. Get the best advice and assistance from experts who can help you manage your trust account. We can provide just the right level of targeted assistance when you need it.


We believe thorough training for you and your staff is essential to getting the most benefit from our tools and services. We include a block of initial training time at no additional charge for each new client. If you find that you later need additional training on targeted areas, or full training for new staff, just call us and we’ll be happy to help. In addition to one on one training, which is customized to your firm, we also offer group training through webinars, as well as access to online training manuals and training videos.

Account Clean-Up

From time to time, we run across trust accounts that haven’t been reconciled in a while. We specialize in cleaning up accounts that need attention. During implementation of new accounts, we provide an assessment of your account status. If it is out of balance, we will work with you to get it caught up before going live on iTracs. If only a minimal amount of work is necessary to get your account current, we will help you at no additional charge. If more intensive work is necessary, we’ll discuss charges with you up front and you can decide how to proceed.

Audit Preparation

If you follow our process and tips, you will always be ready for an audit. However, in the event you’re notified of an audit and your account reconciliation needs some attention, we can help get you prepared.

Education and Problem-Solving

The iTracs process and tools provide a platform for you to successfully manage your trust account. However, sometimes new or unexpected issues can present a challenge. With hundreds of clients as well as years of experience, there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We can help you learn how to handle any issue with your trust account, and we can show you some tricks of the trade that you can use to improve your efficiency.